Vanessa Ives part 2

Sorry for the long interlude, basically this is the Vanessa Ives drawing without the colour, un-edited. On reflection I think I prefer the black and white one, and in future I think I would benefit from restraining the amount of colour I use, maybe one spot colour something along those lines, i think sticking to a bold and print is more effective. Though I don’t disregard my previous drawing, as it was fun to experiment with it. I have to be honest, the more and more I do this graphite based experiments, the more I prefer it particularly the smooth and rough aspect of it, and how you can get a whole range of different moods with it, especially when you combine normal pencil and the odd splash of ink, it gives it a rough, degraded sort of quality, which along with the cleaner lines I like to employ I think it gives it a lot more character and depth.


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