+Back Handed Compliments

So this is another part of +Venus I am working on, a little zine about the weird, back handed compliments, that us plus size ladies sometimes receive (this one in particular I have had a few times). The idea is for it to be humorous, as generally you know the intention is well meant, the execution is sometimes . . . a bit off and it can often lead to funny awkward situations. I realise that her face does look a bit narked when I was going for confused, so I will have to redraw her face a little bit. Anyway, so this is the first page, and I’m hoping to do at least five or six of these and then to bind them into a little zine, this is also an exercise for me to improve drawing smaller as I struggle with this. So I’m using a smaller sketchbook.

I am finding emotions a lot easier to draw now, which is good though they do still need a lot of work. With this particular piece I am taking steps (albeit uneasy) steps towards using more collage in my work (as I think I’ve mentioned previously) and I do particularly enjoy the cut out look of collage as I think it adds more texture to the work, 



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