Riso Printing.

One of the workshops we did last week was Riso printing with Esther McManus (who had an amazing hair cut as well). The idea was to do a four panel comic and then transfer it into a Riso print. Sadly I only ended up doing two as I got a bit too focused on one thing. We had to pick a scene from one of our favourite films, I chose Centurion (Neil Marshall, 2010) and in particular the scene with Etain (Olga Kurylenko) fighting Virilus (Dominic West) after he’s been captured. I liked this scene particularly as its atmospheric, and it has a cathartic energy, which I wanted to try and capture as simplistically with my drawings. Originally I had tried to draw them straight to scale, but I do struggle to draw small, so I decided to go big then shrink. I do find that to be the best way, as you don’t lose image quality either. This print is actually the practice print, but it’s my favourite as it has a slight gradient (the others are all solid colours). I also chose blue as it was more relevant to the woad used by the Picts in the film (and Celts in general). I also included the original drawings in the post as a comparison.

SCN_0066 SCN_0068 SCN_0069


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