+Baby Feet

During my research I remembered a song I had heard from Mary Lambert called body love some time ago, and I fell in love with the song instantly. It did speak to me in many ways and the part I remember particularly was “Love your body the way your mother loved your baby feet” I just thought that it was so simple and so beautiful, and it had a unique perspective. I thought it would be interesting to draw something around it, using that as a basis. A similar thing to what I did with the Samm Newman article. I wanted the drawing to look a little bit awkward, as if the subject was taking a first confident step. The background is a pastel pen set by Staedtler, which I got some time ago and haven’t had a chance to use. I didn’t collage onto this as I didn’t think it needed it, though I will be mixing more collage based images with my work as I think its an area I haven’t fully explored.



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