+Samm Newman

One of my tutors suggested that I should find some articles relating to plus size women and to illustrate what said article was about, (simple enough) I found one article that really grabbed my attention. I read a story about a nineteen year old girl from Ohio, who had, had bad self-esteem issues and in order to combat this she had posted pictures of herself, in all her vivacious glory on Instagram in bikinis, sports bra and so forth and wonderfully had received a lot of support for this real body positive move. However, the support was somewhat cut short by Instagram not only taking her photos down, but de-activating her account. A lot of people saw this as incredibly sizeist, especially when you take into account that there are a lot of slim/athletic lads and lass’s scantily clad all over Instagram. Thankfully however Instagram saw their error and reactivated Samm’s account. So in honour of her braveness and her fabulous body, I decided to draw one of her photos where she is in a blue bikini, I liked the pattern on the bikini, and I thought it complimented her skin tone perfectly (and I also had the right shade of blue ink, I hadn’t had a chance to try yet)

For the actual drawing I used a mixture of different width and thickness lead pencils, and pencils that gave different textures. I used ink to colour, then drew the floral parts of the bikini separately, cut them out and collaged them on, then a black Indian ink wash in the background. Simple really.  I drew it in my own style, I have been experimenting with faces a lot more adding rosy cheeks and more apparent noses.



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