Queen of Hearts +VENUS.

So if I do a bit of background about the idea behind the project, it may better explain my reasons for doing it. So it started really about two weeks ago, I’m currently in third year studying Illustration and after last year being, amazingly rubbish (everything went horribly wrong) and I was at a low ebb, artistically, spiritually the works. So over the summer (despite my lack of activity on here) I went on a journey of discovery . . . in my room continually drawing trying to find myself and it had limited success. I couldn’t seem to find what was holding me back, everything I drew I hated, and this continued onto the end of my half term when I got back to uni. It wasn’t just uni, it was me that I felt fed up with. It sounds unrelated I know, but when you think about (and I know this may not be the same for everyone but I know for me personally its important), that place that a draw all my ideas and inspiration from, its an extension of myself, creating is an extension of oneself. If I don’t like myself, how am I supposed to create anything?

So at this point I’ve been back  couple of weeks, and we had to decided what to do for our major project, and I didn’t have a bloody clue. Nada. I was desperately scrabbling around for ideas, so naturally I go to Pinterest (not that I spend too much time on there, she says with 3,000 pins and counting). I happened across a picture of Tess Munster, and I was astounded, she was genuinely one of the most beautiful women I’d ever seen and we are the same size. It blew my mind. I looked at some more pictures, and her #effyourbeautystandards campaign and I felt amazing. So I started doing some random doodles based on her and I ended up with the Queen of Hearts, and I took this into my proposal tutorial, and said well I thought about doing it maybe about queens or something (still desperately grasping at an idea), and she said to me why don’t you do it about plus size women and there it was.


I haven’t felt this completely confident in years, and despite the fact I am a confident woman and I have a lot of self assurance, how I feel about how I look has always been my achilles heel, its prevented me from feeling like I can do things, like talking to guys, going into shops, things like that and now, now it can go to hell.  So in honour of my curvaceous plus sizers, I decided to base my project on the positivity and beauty of plus size ladies, this is looking them from an illustrative viewpoint, so that women and girls can look at a collection of images made for you, by someone who is in a similar position and feel the same way I now feel about myself, and being to appreciate how wondrous and beautiful women of all shapes and sizes are. You weren’t made to blend into a crowd you were made to stand out.

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