Original Brig.

Original Brig.

So this was a drawing based on another illustration from the late 16th century of a very opulent galleon. Filled with very ornate carvings and that kind of thing, this is my version. I did simplify it a lot and try to make it more natural, a little bit wonky and more “hand crafted” though I do think that the patterns on the boat are in themselves very ornate and delicate. This particular drawing started off as a sketch (as I said previously based on another drawing called Le Soleil Royal, 1699), I then scanned it onto my computer and used digital watercolour over the top, then added a filter. I did try out some effects with waves and text but it looked a lot better in a simpler state. This is the starting point of my own self made project, that as a class we are doing which will eventually make up our exhibition. Mine is based on the voyages of pirates, so I have been looking in great detail at boats, ships and other bits and pieces, I’m really enjoying looking into it. Though it did take me a while to learn the names of the different types of boat and ship.

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