The Origins of the Easter Bunny.

The Origins of the Easter Bunny.

This was the first “idea” workshop I had today, (I missed last week as I had the flu). We are doing a group exhibition based on the subject “Origins”. Basically we are all doing individual projects, but are linking them all together in a self organised exhibition.

Today was about idea generation, and lateral thinking, brainstorming etc. and our subject was the origin of the Easter Bunny. We did mind map a lot of different ideas, some were very primal kinds of things, like basing it on paganism and sacrifice, whilst some were a bit more whimsical like a chicken that likes to dress up as a rabbit. We eventually settled on haven a rabbit with a split personality, so a Jekyll and Hyde kind of scenario with the Rabbit being evil for the majority of the year, except at Easter. Where the Rabbit has to be good and give the children chocolate eggs, and that is the deed that redeems the Rabbit for the rest of the year. A lot of people were doing actual rabbit drawings, but I wanted to base mine more literally, more people actually becoming part rabbit as I thought that tied slightly more into the split personality theme (split human perhaps?). I kept the drawings neat and I think quite tonal, I wanted them to look other worldly and anthropomorphic, so that they tied in with the “rabbit” theme.

The first character (on the left) is the evil Bunny, though I do admit I based him more on the look of a Hare as I think they look a bit more masculine and they aren’t as “cute” as rabbits, I think I managed to make him look maniacal.

The next character on the right, is the good rabbit. I made her look a lot softer and also a lot cuter, as I wanted to connote warm fluffy feelings about her, I kept the tone quite light and the shading to a minimum to emphasis the angelic look.


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