Reflective Analysis and Final Piece.

Reflective Analysis and Final Piece.

So this is the completed product, and I am rather proud of it I must say. Considering that there was a very rocky start at the project for me personally. I have persevered with it and I am pleased with the final result, I am particularly pleased with the text, I gained a lot of inspiration from not only Victorian playbills in the sense of placement and size but also from the illustrator Mcbess. I really liked his style of font as it was simple, but I thought fluid and effect in communicating its purpose.

Overall, I did enjoy the subject matter that I was studying, and I learnt several things. My subject seemed to evolve from being primarily about the “pack” and tribal mentality of football fans and became far more focused on the individual, which is not what I was expecting. I found it far more fascinating to scope in on the individual and learn and hear about their stories and experiences of the beautiful game. Doing this not only gave me a unique and previously unknown perspective of the fan, but gave me an unusual and very satisfying sense and idea of the “fan” as a unit, the tribe, the pack, the group as it were. And how individual experiences when applied to the larger group have coloured and shaped a club as a whole, such as the Hillsborough disaster. It has changed not only the face of football as a whole but as the club individually, and is part of their identity. This experience has been enlightening and has erased some of the previous notions I have had about football.

In terms of the drawing, this has been far out of my comfort zone, which has not only been a steep learning curve but has been incredibly refreshing, and I think vital to my growth as a practitioner. Despite the fact I am at heart a fantasy/story illustrator and I do find a lot more pleasure in drawing from my own mind, I had forgotten how important it is to draw from life in order to provide succour for imaginative work. Doing this has helped me develop looser drawing techniques, and I have found it easier to tap into a more expressive form of drawing, which I had unknowingly blocked myself from due to me being anally retentive about how I draw. I wish I had spent more time on the typography as I did not give that the full forethought it deserved, looking at the drawings now I also wish I had included maybe a hint at a background, when trying this out the first time round I thought it was a bit messy and took away the “power” from the original drawings.


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