Marlborough 9


A few more colour and drawing experiments, just more trial and error I think. With the top left, I thought I would (for the sheer heck of it) try more saturated colours, just to see if I could rework it from previous attempts, (if you look at my first Marlborough first). I thought if I overly simplified the background and just focused on the figure, I may get away with it. I don’t think it worked, it looks too colourful maybe with a much bolder palette it may work but I think I’ve gone as far as I can with this avenue. The other drawing of the woman’s face was merely to use up some of the space, strangely enough I think it balances out the coloured drawing.

The bottom left was another drawing experiment, once again with a pastel palette (before I gave up on the venture completely) I based the style of drawing on the illustrator Paula Bonet (look on Facebook she is amazing) I think for maybe other genres of drawing it may be better suited, it’s a little bit too fairytale for me personally, I don’t think the style suits me and definitely not the project. Again I was trying to experiment with typography, it’s a little bit too girly.

The upper right was a caricature, of sorts. I had seen it in some football related drawings (I believe the artists name is Gonza Rodriguez) and I wanted to have my own take on it, but not quite as extreme as Rodriguez’s.  It is the first time I’ve really tried out caricatures, I don’t think its very apparent that it is supposed to be one (so I really need to work on it I think) when drawing it however I did realise it wasn’t the look I was going for and I wanted to push my work in another direction.

The bottom right very simple line drawing, I thought I would try and be as loose as possible, I rather like the simplicity of it.


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