Marlborough 11


The other three Wyes. This was a hybrid experiment of typography, collage and mixed paints/inks. This was referencing both Keira Rathbone and another artist Rolf Schröeter, whom I have discovered on a website called which is absolutely fantastic and has provided me with a lot of unique and different artists to look at. Especially ones in the reportage/documentary areas of illustration.  My drawings themselves do not look my like Schröeter’s it was more his use of colour I was interested in. I was trying to interpret it in my own way and lay the text on top of it.

Again I seem to have made it too washy and I think it has lost it’s edge, I think I have had more success making it in black and white with the odd spot colour, keeping the palette limited I think improves this particular kind of work greatly and helps give it some edge.

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