Marlborough 5


The drawing on the top left, was a very fleeting sketch of a gentleman sat at the bar. I was trying to capture more specific details, so I focused in on one bit. I also wanted to include a bit more background as apposed to just floating bodies and heads. I was also trying to add more shadow to the window frame.

The drawing on the top right was during Halloween when the pub was putting up the Halloween decorations. I was drawing from a different angle this time , they were hanging up these plastic sheets on the walls to look like bricks, I thought it would be interesting to draw these. It was also nice to draw a woman, I hadn’t seen many up to this point. It was good to have a change of shape.

The bottom left, I was drawing one person and then a woman walked in front of the man I was drawing and stood there for a bit so I thought, ah why not I’ll include her two I was trying to layer it as well, inspired very much by Kugler.

The bottom right, just getting different facial movements/expressions and showing them through different lines. I lost a lot of the quality of the drawing getting the movement it seems to be a problem I am getting a lot with observational drawings.

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