Marlborough 8


These are some of my final piece ideas, (top, bottom left and bottom right). If we start with the top right (for a change) this was a really speedy pencil sketch, I had to do it quickly as I think the guy realised I was drawing him so I tried to pack in as much detail as I could.

The top left, was really an experiment. I was trying to use more mixed media, in this case: watercolour, charcoal, ink and pencil. With a bit of spot colour, it was suggested to me to use more aggressive line work to show the aggressiveness of the character, however this entire project is based on pushing past the boundaries of stereotypes and getting to the core of a person’s character. To be perfectly honest this was not the impression I got of “Dave” and it would be better to draw him in the way I interpret him, using slighter softer lines and more greys, focusing on his facial characteristics in-sync with the line work and the reduced colour palette.

The bottom left is of a guy called Wye, even though he wasn’t specifically a football fan he said that when he was younger his grandfather would take him to see Tottenham Hotspur.  Again I was experimenting with mixed media, with aquarelle pencils, biro, pencil, watercolour, graphic pens and fine liners. I think this was a good interpretation of what I gleaned from Wye’s personality, warm and wise (that was what I was aiming for). I wanted to try and put across his warmth. I also included his former team as I thought that was important for context, and I thought I would experiment with the typography.  Again this quite a washy look but I think elements of it are bold enough.

The last one is just purely black and white, this was with reference to the Hillsborough Disaster. I wanted to include “Dave’s” tattoos, using parts of them but referencing them back to Hillsborough, adding facts about the incident that occurred.  I thought black and white would be more sombre, I also thought it would focus more on the context of the drawing. I like the bolder lines around the arms I think it frames the face and guides the eye to the drawing. This was done using pencils, ink and charcoal.

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