Marlborough 7




The upper left, I was once again trying to experiment with different angles of conversation, so that the figures look more animated.  Also the addition of more background helps with this, I think it makes the images look more realistic and put them into context a lot more.

The upper right, was a quick drawing of a woman who paused for a moment to look on her phone. I didn’t get as much detail as I would’ve liked as she was literally there for just a second. I did manage to draw a little bit of her tattoo, I only wish I had longer to draw it as I think it would’ve made the drawing a lot more unique.

The bottom left, was of fans looking at the TV. I liked how you can see their focus and their gaze. Again I tried to include little details of the background namely the door, so it would lend more to the story of the drawing. I didn’t do too much as I was focused on drawing the figures as they are in this instance the most important part.

The bottom right, I think I can say with absolute certainty is my least favourite of all the observational drawings I have done. The man with the head turned looks as though he has had his neck broken, it just looks very awkward and unnatural, and the man on the lefts face looks very odd. The only part I do like is the man’s cleft chin, I’ve never had to draw one before so that was quite interesting to do.


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