Marlborough 6




The top left was another experiment with water colour, I was trying the idea of spot colours but even so it still looks too washy. I also wrote down what he was saying as well, as it was recommended to me.  I think it gets a little lost with the colour. It also makes the drawing less noticeable.

The top right is of a man standing by the bar, I was rather taken with his face. It was really very striking, so I had to draw it I focused more on the shape of his face as apposed to the shading.

Bottom left, I included  some of the things I heard. with the two men having a conversation.  As well as showing different angles of people having a conversation,  which I think shows varied angles of people’s faces. I like the scratchiness, of the faces. I think it also makes the faces look warmer.

The last one (bottom right) was of the same man, just a montage of him at the bar doing different things. I think I got the body shape right, and I like the movement of the body and also the folds of the hoody. It really like the movement, I think that is my favourite part. I do wish I had layered it more, and drawn more movement on top of it.


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