Marlborough 4



The first image (top left) is multiple drawings of the same man. I enjoyed drawing him as he was very animated, and he kept doing different things, like a crossword or thinking. He was a fun guy to draw it was nice to include the hands doing different movements and interacting with the face in different ways. I kept the drawings very loose as I wanted to speedily draw him. I was also experimenting more with my “clothes fold” technique. I think the style of drawing is a lot rougher than what I have previously done.

The second drawing (bottom left) another thing my tutors had pointed out was that there was a lack of “sound” in my drawings. Which admittedly I found a bit perplexing, so I thought the most practical thing was to literally make a note of the sounds.  There was some rock music playing in the background but not a lot of people speaking so I made a quick note of it.  I included more of the background in this case just the bar, I used some graphite to add a different texture to the bar to differentiate between the figure and the bar.  I did also add graphite to the shoulders of his coat at the coat had a leathery top to it, I drew it in such a way that it didn’t clash with the bar. I drew more detail in this time, like the wall that was in front of me, and the taps on the bar (which are probably the most important part of the pub).

The third drawing (top right) just simply a man reclining on the couch watching a football match. I liked the blacking out on the couch to me it makes it look more solid, it also separates the man from the couch, I tried to blend the shadows with the blackness of the couch so it seamlessly mixed with the figure. I was still sticking with the loose drawings to give it the “documentary” feel. I like the shaky lines of his legs that give it a bit of movement.

The last drawing (bottom right) is a very, very quick sketch of the man in the first drawing (top left) at the bar. I kept it very light and scratchy, just trying out lighter lines to see if they work with quick drawings but I must say I prefer the darker lines.


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