Marlborough 3



So this is a bit of a montage of some of the drawings I’ve don’t at the Marlborough. The first image (the upper left) was a quick drawing of what was going on, on the TV. As recommended by a tutor, I think it’s been helpful in the sense of adding a more atmosphere and giving the pub another “portal” to the fan universe etc. The drawing itself is very scratchy and I had to do it quickly as the interview was only brief. I missed a lot of details and it was very quick. I wish I had overlaid the images  on the TV so as to make it more interesting.

The image on the bottom left was a very quick messy sketch of a man behind my friend who was with me at the time, I was trying to maximise my image output, hence why I didn’t finish it and I moved onto the next one (the image on the right). The face looks very mutated which obviously is not good, I was trying to make the face look dramatic by adding a lot of shadow. It didn’t end up how I had planned.

The large picture on the right, I included part of my friend’s shoulder to give the image more depth, and I also think it frames the image behind. I am quite pleased with how I’ve drawn the folds in the clothes. I have had a lot of trouble with drawing them in the past, I stumbled across it by accident. I think I am starting to develop my own reportage style.

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