Tribal Fans 1


So here is the main crux of my project, the study of the tribal nature of men supporting a football team. I mean in the sense of men, complete strangers bonding together over a team. Much like a group of tribal warriors, bonded by one cause. This whole thing fascinates me and as my placement was a “football” pub, I thought this would be an interesting angle to look at it from.  I was based at the Marlborough Head in Farnham and have been talking to the regulars there for their stories about matches, and low and highlights from their teams, as well as taking their pictures and just generally studying the pub and drawing the regulars at their business.

So this watercolour/aquarelle painting I’ve done, this was a first sketch and really I should’ve made it a lot simpler. I do like the green hat though, I have been experimenting with making fabric textures on paper within my drawings (thought due to this project I haven’t had enough time to do any of it). I was trying to capture the ambience of the pub, its quite warm/cosy inside so thats why I used a rosy red colour and I was trying to use colour in order to connote emotion with the men so the guy at the back I made the colour behind him blue, as his team went down one nil at the time.  After I had a tutorial they said it was a bit too washy, which I do agree with, I do think the lines need to be bolder and it needs to be more “sketchy”. Though saying that I think I have blended the colours rather well.




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