Museum Sketches 6



The image on the left is of a statue with a lot of degradation, I was trying to show the shade of the stone in the light, but still maintain the lines and details of the piece. I used an aquarelle pencil to add highlights of colour to give it age and a bit more life.

The statue on the right is the “Head of a Bodhisattva” (made in the 2nd or 3rd century) from Peshawar in Pakistan. Made from a stone called schist (which until that point I had never heard of). My understanding of a Bodhisattva is that is is someone who has started becoming a Buddha and further research indicated that in Tibetan Buddhism it is one of the four sublime states a human can achieve. I haven’t really done the statue much justice, it is beautifully carved and my drawing of it is incredibly messy.

The stone had a bluish hue which I tried to show in my drawing, but the colour wasn’t as demure as I was hoping it would be. Again I was trying to loosely sketch and give the drawing some sort of animation, I like the different tones of lines, and the shape the thicker lines give. Personally I think the drawing itself could have been much better, I should have spent more time on it.


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