Museum Sketches 2


This is another pair of sketches taken from the V&A museum’s “Asia” section, the sketch on the left is an image (or a section of the statue) of a statue of an noble. As I was a bit daft and didn’t leave myself enough room to draw the whole thing, but I think it’s worked in my favour as it focuses in on more specific parts of the statue. Also the bleed- through from the previous page lends an interesting quality to the drawing and I think adds a little more depth to it. I really enjoyed this sketch, though initially I started it out if frustration. I was a lot looser and messier with this drawing than what I have previously been, which was very refreshing. The piece does lose its elements of “stillness” which to be honest I don’t mind too much, I think it adds texture and shade. If I have learnt anything during this project its to be freer with my work as I think I lose a lot of potential emotion, movement from my work. My favourite part of the drawing is the knee leading into the robe, I like the difference in tone and movement of the line work, how it goes from being very erratic and dark, to light and almost soft looking. My least favourite is the torso, it needs more detail I think it looks a little out of place with the rest of the drawing.

On the right is a drawing of two statue heads of the Buddha made from stone. Sadly only the heads were left on the statue, I loved these. These were one of my favourite pieces of the exhibition, they are absolutely stunning. Not only from the sense of the image itself but the wear and tear of the pair as well. It really gives them character and their own voice so to speak, which I tried to capture. One of the statues had more degradation than the other and that is the smaller sketch of the two (as I was also experimenting with scale) I was trying to use¬†pointillism (as I had never tried it before) to try and mimic the texture of the stone. I thought the texture was very important in this drawing. With the first drawing which is the larger of the two I didn’t really try this, I was trying to do a more basic sketch with this and it isn’t as detailed, if I’m honest I got a little bored with it and I wanted to try something entirely new, namely with the smaller drawing.


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