Museum Sketches 1

Museum Sketches 1

So this is one of the observational sketches I did in the V&A I know these are a long time coming. Alas I have been tremendously busy, trying to reportage my brains out. So moving swiftly on these are two drawings taken from the “Asia” section. One is of a ceramic tower from China, I loved the very particular details, like the floral designs on the outer wall of the tower. With regards to the sketching, I was trying to make it look as architectural as possible. Keeping it neat and sort of trailing off at the ends, I have seen that previously in other drawings illustrators have done and I thought I’d give it a whirl. Also I thought making the shadows more apparent was important, as I have neglected to do this in previous drawings. I do wish I had included more of the background to show it is a museum piece, rather than just a random drawing.

The other drawing is of a golden Buddha from Thailand, it isn’t as detailed as the other drawing, as I was experimenting with some pro-markers my friend had. I haven’t really used them a great deal before, I find it difficult to blend them together and often I make the page furry attempting to do this. However on this occasion I thought I would simplify it and keep it block colours with the addition of the black curls. I think I’ve manage to in a sense capture the shine of the gold, but not quite got there. To be honest I find it easier to do it with a fine liner than I do with actual colour. I’m also not massively pleased with how the drawing itself turned out, the face to me looks quite wonky and the ears are unbalanced. It doesn’t really do the statue any justice, as the statue itself was stunning to look at.

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