Museum Sketches 4


Of all my drawings for this project this is my favourite, this was a drawing of a bronze statue, and the colours and decoration were mind blowing. So detailed and almost perfect, I loved it. For the sake of quickness I only drew a section of the statue as we had to go to the memory palace exhibit. I think I managed to get the colour spot on as it had this faded brassy quality, I used aquarelle pencils for this, (as I had only just got them and was eager to try them out) I mixed the oranges and browns together to try and get the correct colour and mimic the way the light was shining on the statue.

This also included the black colour on the statue that was on the hands in particular and it blended in with the bronze hues, I did find this difficult it’s more ash tray coloured than the dark brownish-black I was after, I did try to compensate for this using the fine liners when drawing the details onto the image. In hindsight I should have used maybe a 2/3B pencil to add in some of the darker tones, then gone over certain parts with a 0.8 fine liner and seen what I got.

Strangely I do like the unfinished look of it, it looks to me a bit more natural and “in the field” as apposed to the very normal clinical finishes I tend to lean more towards.

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