The V&A and The Memory Palace.


This is part of our first project this year, which is a reportage/documentary project. The majority of it is observation, which is actually quite interesting. Admittedly I wasn’t thrilled at the drawing project last semester, and I really didn’t enjoy it. Looking back now I think I may have started the project with the wrong perspective. Rather than make it my own I was a bit bull headed about it, I hate it so I will carry on. Which is never a good way to start a project.

So I am getting really excited about this new project, we went to the V&A today and we were put into groups, luckily I was also with three of my friends who are hard workers (including Ida). We had to focus on one particular part of the museum which in our case was the South East Asia section, so we went from India to Japan, sketching and photo taking which was thoroughly enjoyable, I love doing physical research, especially in museum.

The other exhibition was more illustration based. The work was designed around the short story ‘Memory Palace’ by Haru Kunzru and all the drawings, sculptures etc. are designed around individual elements of the story. My two favourites were Stefanie Posavec and Alexis Deacon. Posavec’s work is very graphic and vector based which I can sort of relate to in older works.  My ultimate favourite was Alexis Deacon, it was drawn in a really misty fashion, which I really like. It almost looked like a water colour, just really simple colours but detailed and very beautiful.

The other part of the exhibition was a more interactive part where you drew your own memory, and it was added to he memory bank, I attached my one. Which to be honest for a five minute drawing I don’t think was too bad.


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