Hell to Pay, Page Two and Three

Hell to Pay, Page Two and Three

This is the initial scene(first image) where Adhnor sees Gra and WT kissing, and feels a pang of jealousy and pain. After the drafts I thought the images needed a drastic change, it didn’t feel or look professional to me and I thought it needed a shake up. My first thought was that it needed to be more atmospheric and have a darker edge to it, so I decided to focus on line work and to represent the natural elements of the content, I literally made them a part of nature by making the see-through and allowing them to not only exist as the background but to evolve from it, so it makes their features more noticeable. As well as making particular colours bolder and more characterised. This is also a turning point in the story, Adhnor wanting Gra to notice her, wishes on the moon to grow antlers and it happens.

The second image is really what sent the ball rolling, I drew it originally to be part of the previous roster of images but it really didn’t fit in with the style and I of the three it was my favourite, so I thought (drawing on inspiration from Kate Sutton) I’d simplify the lot and make it more me but at the same time try and push myself away from my style of imagery by making i darker.


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