Hell to pay, Page six and seven.

Hell to pay, Page six and seven.

This is the sacrifice, when Adhnor sacrifices her antlers to save Gra, in order to wake him up. It also documents the pain she suffered in their removal. I wanted the stones to look mysterious and very influenced by moonlight, for the markings I used a mixture of alchemy and pagan symbolism, mostly the alchemic symbols for life and death (resembling the Omega), as I thought this was important to show, due to nature’s never ending quest for balance which is what alchemy is about the harmonious balance of chemicals. In order for the stone to perform a task it needs a payment.

The other image is of the actual removal of the antlers, I drew inspiration from Frank Miller in terms of palette and Viola Welkner. I wanted a dramatic change from the misty blues and lavenders to something quite extreme and unexpected namely the black and red as it look a lot more grotesque.

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