Creative Workshop Conclusion

These are the creative workshop results as it were.

The first activity we did was to take a passage from a book and then make it into our own story including the exert from the text (that we randomly select), the book I selected was the Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood.

The quote is as follows: “it she was. Blameless but what use”

Was it to fight it, it didn’t matter how far or how quickly she ran. She couldn’t escape from the inevitability of her situation, or the pain it would undoubtedly bring. But what sweet pain it was, tainted with the hopelessness of victory, with the pale possibility of liberation. All she has was hope. She loathed herself for feeling so weak and incapacitated, so reliant on even the vaguest of acknowledgements, which often brought even more confusion and conflicting opinions and ideals. Perhaps she enjoyed the idea of him slowly destroying her.

Taking an exert from what we wrote we pushed it further and wrote more.

There was a shadow of a smile, perhaps even a hint of curiosity. Both parties seemed to be as probing as the other, for the first time I felt empowered. That my feelings and thoughts flowed freely and were returned with eager anticipation. I was like a beggar being fed, the painfully obvious outcome was dawning on me, but what sweet pain it was, tainted with the hopelessness of victory, with the possibility of liberation. All of my bitterness and pride dissolved and I didn’t feel alone, I felt alive.

So that was the conclusion of our session which I really enjoyed, I also gleaned the first ideas for my story from this session, I found it really beneficial to freeing up my mind and getting rid of all the junk and getting to the real core of an idea. It also helped me make more work more personal and express myself with ease.

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