Weasel-Toes, final concept.

Weasel-Toes, final concept.

This is the final look of Weasel-Toes. I tried to keep the image “clean looking” and as sharp as possible. The problem I had was making the lower portion of the body look weasel-like, as the animal themselves have quite short legs and a long body, I thought the main difficultly was making human anatomy like weasel anatomy (or vice versa) so I had the idea of hareem pants, as they give the body the illusion of length, much like the weasel’s body. I put some round line-work on the pant to compliment the length of the body and to give the character some more shape as well as, character. Though this does need a little more refining and a colour palette, which I want to keep white and crisp, with hints of gold or tan (to match the colouring of the weasel), I am very pleased with how she has turned out.


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