Weasel Study.

Weasel Study.

So this is me looking in-depth at the weasel. One of my characters is based on a weasel, except with humanoid features. I like the slinky look of the weasel and the small features on the face. I looked firstly at the body shape, the movement of the fur and how it sat on the body. I wanted to translate this into a human, and how the two can be intertwined. I experimented with facial shapes, and eye placement as well as the nose. I came to the conclusion that the nose and mouth have to be fairly low down on the face and close together. I don’t want the character who I have name Weasel-Toes (WT) to look too human, so I made her nose more weasel-like. And the ears more prominent as they are the clearest indicators of her being part animal, the ears I had to reshape a lot as she kept looking like a mouse but I settled on the 4th face, though at this stage it needed more refining.


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