Stag do.


This is my contribution to Valentine’s Day, I am not a fan. Maybe these years of being single have made me bitter and cynical (it’s also entirely possible I am a little to used to my own company at events like this), hence my apathy to the whole affair. Anyway, rant over. Basically I am obsessed with Stags, not entirely sure why but I love the whole magnificence of them. And being of Irish blood I love the Claddagh and the whole mysticism behind it and I wanted to combine it with the mystery of the stag, as it always seems to have a regality to it I thought it appropriate with the heart and the crown. The red twig looking things, (for those who don’t know) are in fact blood vessels, as a reference to the heart and also to the spread of love and all that jazz. I also quoted more Oscar Wilde (as he is an Irishman and I love the man) and I thought that the quote pretty much summed love (or lack of) up for me.


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