Antique Ghost

Antique Ghost

As part of my “Zine” project as I think I’ve mentioned previously we had to interview members of the public and get local stories, sadly I had no luck with this, and a friend of mine actually pointed me in the right direction and gave me a story that she had used for one of her animation projects. And it was about a ghost that haunts an antique shop near where I live. (I will post the video interview after this) admittedly I have taken some artistic licence with parts of the story, so it fits better with the illustrations, but this I suppose is the main character the ghost herself, kindly my housemate’s girlfriend (who has the most beautiful hair) let me take pictures of her so I could base my “ghost” on her, admittedly it was the hair I was after. As I think you can be very expressive with direction, shape and colours of hair. I kept the look of the characters as simple as possible, such as their clothes and colours sticking mainly with pastels, and having small embellishments on the garments so they don’t look flat. With regards to the hair I took a lot of inspiration from Gabriel Moreno (well worth looking at) I will post the finished zine pages soon!


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