Irish Heart

Irish Heart

Another experiment I was testing out, I’ve recently rediscovered this symmetry tool on Corel, I forgot how much I loved it, everything is so reflective. I think this is a little bit more detailed than previous work. I wanted it to look a little more imposing I was trying to combine curves with lines a lot more, I think I’ve achieved this. I particularly like the Celtic style knot I’ve done as the “heart” I did start off with a very graphical (is that a word?!) looking heart that was akin to the heart of the ocean thing off the Titanic, weirdly though it didn’t really fit so I thought I’d go for the opposite. For my FMP I did a whole in depth thing on Nordic and Scandinavian-esq Viking stuff as well as Celtic and I thought I’d get back in touch with that so to speak, but I’m definitely going to do more Celtic based stuff.


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