Idea Generation!

So I am currently in a course, group meeting thing. And out tutor Jane is asking what we’re thinking about the course so far, which is really good as it gives us a chance to put out opinions across. So about the project, we have to do an editorial illustration based around an article that we pick, you have three choices: 1. About nostalgia of the 1950’s, 2. About how global warming is making fishes shrink and 3. About the possibilities of black outs in the UK due to a power switch over.

I picked the black outs as I thought that might be a challenge, possibly too much of a challenge. I researched about the black outs in the 1970’s in England and thought I could draw some inspiration from there, and I did find some of those really detailed 70’s patterns I would like to incorporate that into my final illustration some how, especially if paired with very dark tonal stuff I think would look really nice. But we are doing an idea generation workshop, basically we have to draw 50 thumbnails and very rough sketches of ideas, which in theory sounds good. Unfortunately I am suffering with a cold/chest infection so ideas are not abundant at the moment, and I am struggling a bit. I need to dose up on Lemsip and coffee, actually writing this has relieved a bit of my mental block so I might add some more posts and see where I go!



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