Rawr for Rawle!

Rawr for Rawle!

Yesterday we had the illustrator Graham Rawle (hence the title) come in and do a presentation about his past and recent works and some seriously interesting stuff, admittedly his work isn’t really my style but it made a nice change to try a new media and push yourself forward (listen to me being all arty and what not). I started it yesterday managed to finish it today (thank the lord) I was really surprised when my tutor said it looked finished (when I thought I was barely half way through) must be the first time in my entire educational career that’s ever happened. Let’s hope it keeps happening, anywho we also have the start of our real bonefied project today, 10 weeks. Weird seeing as I’m used to the week long projects I did on foundation, apologies for the blandness of this first post I always find the first post the hardest :/



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